Completing OPT and STEM Extension

If you cannot find employment or it is the end of your OPT, you may have the following options:

  • Apply to UofL or another university to continue your education by a change of level or transferring to another institution.
  • Depart the United States (be sure to notify the ISSS office if you abandon your OPT and leave)
  • Change of status to another legal status if possible

Early Completion and Leaving the U.S. or Change of Status

If you decided to leave the U.S. prior to the expiration of your Employment Authorization Document (EAD), you are required to report your date of departure from the U.S. to the ISSS offcie.  Please submit this an email to our service account.

If your OPT ends before the EAD expiration date due to a change of status, then please send the approval notice to our service accoun t with your name, student id number, and change of status confirmation.

New Program of Study

If you are completing your OPT early due to admission to a new program of study then please let Thomas Beard now if this is a transfer or a new program at UofL.

 F-1 OPT 24 month STEM Extension

Some students on post-completion OPT may be eligible for an extension of OPT if they received a U.S. degree in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Information about the STEM Extension can be found on the ISSS website.