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Building Codes and Locations

by Peeples,Brian last modified Mar 13, 2013 08:36 AM

  • (O) - Off-Campus
  • (H) - Health Sciences Campus
  • (S) - Shelby Campus


 Bldg. Abbreviation
 Bldg. Code
 Building Name

87 Adult Commuter Center and Evening Student Services (ACCESS) Belknap Campus
  41 Brodschi Hall Belknap Campus
  01 Grawemeyer Hall (Administration Building) Belknap Campus
  (I) Information Center, North (next to Miller Hall) Belknap Campus
  (I) Information Center, West (on the Oval) Belknap Campus
  15 Administrative Annex Belknap Campus
  21 Miller Information Technology Center Belknap Campus
  39G Minority Services Building Belknap Campus
  75 Public Safety Belknap Campus
  4 Belknap Research Center Belknap Campus
LU (AD) 23 Lutz Hall (formerly Academic Bldg) Belknap Campus
AH (O) Audubon Hospital Off-Campus
AS (H) Audiology and Speech Pathology Center Health Science Campus
BAPARK (O) Blackacre Park Off-Campus
BASS-RUDD 111 Bass-Rudd Tennis Center Belknap Campus
BC (O) Bullitt County Off-Campus
BCC (H) Brown Cancer Center Health Science Campus
BH 21 Bigelow Hall, Miller Information Technology Center Belknap Campus
BR 02 Brigman Hall Belknap Campus
BRESCIA (O) Brescia College Off-Campus
BS 90 Business, College of Belknap Campus
BT 11 Belknap Theatre (Playhouse) Belknap Campus
BU (S) Burhans Hall Shelby Campus
CA (O) Clinical Affiliates Off-Campus
CB 36 Chemistry Building Belknap Campus
CC 82 Student Health and Counseling Center Belknap Campus
CG 26 Crawford Gymnasium Belknap Campus
CH (O) Children's Hospital Off-Campus
CL (O) Crescent Hill Library Off-Campus
CO 43 Center for Urban and Economic Research Belknap Campus
CP (O) Providian Center Off-Campus
CR (O) Central House Shelby Campus
CS (H) Carmichael Building Health Science Campus
DA 87 Davidson Hall Belknap Campus
DC(KL) 28 Duthie Center for Engineering (formally Kersey Library of Engineering, Physical Science, and Technology) Belknap Campus
DE (H) Dental School Health Science Campus
DISTNCE ED (O) Distance Education Course Off-Campus
DO 29 Dougherty Hall Belknap Campus
DSGLF (O) Different Strokes Golf Course Off-Campus
DU (O) Durrett Education Center Off-Campus
EC (O) Elizabethtown Community College Off-Campus
ED 84 Education and Human Development, College of Belknap Campus
EG 37 Engineering Graphics Building Belknap Campus
EH 33 Ernst Hall Belknap Campus
EL 09 Ekstrom Library, William F. Belknap Campus
FC 49A-C Fraternity Complex Belknap Campus
FH 07 Ford Hall Belknap Campus
FK (O) Fort Knox Education Center Off-Campus
FP (O) Ford Assembly Plant Off-Campus
FU (S) Founder's Union Building Shelby Campus
GA 08 Gardiner Hall Belknap Campus
GE (O) General Electric Off-Campus
GH 10 Gottschalk Hall Belknap Campus
HA (H) School of Medicine/Research Tower Health Science Campus
HB (H) Instructional Building Health Science Campus
HC (H) School of Dentistry Health Science Campus
HE (O) Henderson County Off-Campus
HK (H) K Building--HSC Health Science Campus
HM 17 Humanities Building, Bingham Belknap Campus
HO 81 Houchens Building Belknap Campus
HP 71 Studio Arts/HPES Building Belknap Campus
HR 25A Honors House, Overseers Belknap Campus
HU (O) Humana Gym Off-Campus
IH (O) Iroquois High School Off-Campus
JC (O) Jefferson Community College Off-Campus
JE (O) Jewish Hospital Off-Campus
JH 06 Jouett Hall Belknap Campus
JR 01 Jefferson Room, Grawemeyer Hall Belknap Campus
JS 30 James B. Speed Building Belknap Campus
JV (O) Jefferson State Vocational School
800 West Chestnut Street
KH (O) Kosair Children's Hospital Off-Campus
KS (O) Kentucky School for the Blind Off-Campus
KY (O) Kentucky State University Off-Campus
LA (O) LaGrange Library Off-Campus
LF 18 Life Sciences Building Belknap Campus
LL 20 Library Lecture Lounge (in Schneider Hall) Belknap Campus
LOU-ZOO (O) Louisville Zoo Off-Campus
LR (O) LaGrange Training Trailer Off-Campus
LS (O) Local Schools Off-Campus
LU 23 Lutz Hall Belknap Campus
LW 19 Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, Wyatt Hall Belknap Campus
MB 83 School of Music Building Belknap Campus
MH (H) Myers Hall Health Science Campus
MI 38 Miller Hall Belknap Campus
NA 12 Natatorium, Ralph Wright Belknap Campus
NC (O) Nelson County Off-Campus
NH (H) Norton Hospital Off-Campus
NM (O) Noe Middle School Off-Campus
NS 34 Natural Sciences Building Belknap Campus
OC (O) Oldham County Off-Campus
OH 05 Oppenheimer Hall Belknap Campus
OS   Class Meets out of state  
PA 03 Patterson Hall Belknap Campus
PH 11 Playhouse Belknap Campus
PO 20 Photo Lab (in Schneider Hall) Belknap Campus
RH 44 Robbins Hall Belknap Campus
SC (O) Spalding University Off-Campus
SE (S) Seminar Center Shelby Campus
SH 31 Sackett Hall Belknap Campus
SK 88 Strickler Hall Belknap Campus
SL 20 Schneider Hall Belknap Campus
SM   Speed Museum Belknap Campus
SP 13 SPI-McCandless Hall Belknap Campus
SS (O) St. Stephens Church Off-Campus
ST 27 Stevenson Hall Belknap Campus
SAC 16 Swain Student Activities Center Belknap Campus
TA 71 Theatre Arts Department Belknap Campus
TB 100 Archaeological Survey/Transportation Center Belknap Campus
TC   Triangle Courts, 3rd Street (across from Oval) Belknap Campus
TH 24 Threlkeld Hall Belknap Campus
TK (O) Fort Knox TV Course Off-Campus
TO (O) Travel Out of City Required Off-Campus
TR (O) Trimble County Off-Campus
TRAGER FLD 76A Trager Field (Cardinal Park) Belknap Campus
TV   TV Courses  
UA 09 University Archives and Records Center (in Ekstrom Library) Belknap Campus
UC 22 University Club & Alumni Center Belknap Campus
UH (H) University of Louisville Hospital Health Science Campus
UP (O) United Parcel Service Off-Campus
VA (O) Veterans Hospital Off-Campus
VB 99 Henry Vogt Building Belknap Campus
WK (O) Western Kentucky University Off-Campus
WS 32 William S. Speed Building Belknap Campus
YPAS   Youth Performing Arts  

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