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SACS Accreditation - Fifth-Year Interim Report

by Martin, Kenyatta N last modified Jun 04, 2014 10:34 AM

The work of evaluating and documenting the university's compliance with the SACS Principles of Accreditation requires a significant on-going, commitment on the part of faculty, staff, and students at the university.  The accreditation process is critical to the university and we are committed to ensuring that the materials submitted represent our best effort.

The preparation of the Fifth-Year Interim Report is a significant update to the 2007 accreditation report.  The interim report is a new reporting requirement implemented by SACS.  The university's 2007 report needed the widespread participation in the accreditation process, and teams were formed from all college constituencies - students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  More recently a team, comprised of representation of the same constituencies, was convened to help prepare the Fifth-Year Interim Report.

This web site is designed to facilitate the dissemination to all constituencies of information concerning UofL's accreditation reporting process.  The university community is invited to participate in the collegial interaction that is an integral part of the accreditation process. For more information on the Fifth-Year Interim Report submitted March 20, 2013, please see the Comprehensive Executive Summary of the Fifth-Year Interim Report.

Comprehensive Executive Summary of the Fifth-Year Interim Report  (PDF)

SACS Materials:

-   SACS instructions for Fifth-Year Interim Report (link)

-   2012 Principles of Accreditation (PDF)


Fifth-Year Interim Report Form and Standards:

-   Interim Report Form (PDF)

-   Core Requirements

-   Comprehensive Standards 

-   Federal Requirements

Fifth-Year Interim Report Committee Information:

Charge to Committee (PDF)

Committee Assignments (PDF)

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