Fifth Year Interim Report

Photo of the Fifth Year Interim Report Committee having a meeting

SACS requires that each institution complete a Fifth Year Interim Report outlining their progress on implementing their Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). This report has two components: Compliance Certification and the Quality Enhancement Plan Impact Report.

UofL submitted its Impact Report to SACS in March 2013. According to the original charge from SACS, "The QEP Impact Committee will develop the university's response to the objectives stated by SACS. The QEP Impact Report asks institutions to address the following as it relates to the QEP developed during its previous reaffirmation: (1) the title and a brief description of the institution's QEP as initially presented, (2) a succinct list of the initial goals and intended outcomes of the QEP, (3) a discussion of changes made to the QEP and the reasons for making those changes, and (4) a description of the QEP's direct impact on student learning, including the achievement of goals and outcomes as outlined in item three above, and unanticipated outcomes of the QEP, if any."

The QEP Impact Committee, the i2a Task Group and the i2a team were responsible for the completion of the Impact Report portion of the Fifth Year Interim Report. SACS approved the QEP Impact Report in July 2013. You can download and read the full report [PDF].

QEP Impact Report Committee Members

  • Patty Payette, i2a
  • Riaan VanZyl, Kent School
  • Alan Attaway, College of Business
  • Julia Dietrich, A&S
  • Jo Kaelin, IT
  • Karen Newton, Campus Health
  • Robert Detmering, Libraries
  • Cathy Bays, i2a
  • Mordean Taylor-Archer, Diversity and International Affairs
  • Henry Cunningham, Office of Community Engagement
  • Toni MacDonald, CEHD
  • Carrie Mattingly, SGA

QEP Impact Report Committee Meeting Schedule

View most recent QEP Impact Committee Timeline [PDF].

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