Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities for LGBTQ Students & Allies

 Applications & Information:

  • Deadline: May 1, 2020

 Scholarships Available:

  • Bernard M. Trager Family Foundation Scholarship for Equality
  • Bourke DeLeon Endowed LGBT Catholic Scholarship 
  • Brian Buford Endowed Pride Alumni Scholarship 
  • Dawn Wilson Scholarship for LGBTQ+ Students of Color
  • Derby City Bears Scholarship
  • Johnson-Campion Alumni Scholarship 



The U of L Women’s Center has two new undergraduate scholarship opportunities available for the 2020 fall semester.  Those listed below are funded by the Women’s Club of the University of Louisville and will be available through the Women’s Center.

The scholarships include: 

  1. Women’s Club of the University of Louisville Scholarship in the amount of $6,000 . This fund will be used to establish (3) undergraduate scholarships distributed equally between recipients. The deadline to apply for the fall 2020 is Friday, May 14.
  2. Women’s Club of the University of Louisville Lelia Sublett Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 in honor of long-time club member, Lelia Sublett and her commitment to supporting the club’s mission by hosting her Creative Cooking events. This is a one-time undergraduate scholarship. The deadline to apply is Friday, May 14 for the fall semester.

Founded in 1929, the Women’s Club of the University of Louisville is a social organization, whose mission is to provide tuition assistance to deserving students, and sponsor monthly activities that engage, enlighten, and educate its members. 

The Women’s Center also has the Dr. Ann T. Allen Scholarship Endowed Scholarship.  This is a $500 undergraduate scholarship for single parents who are in the College of Arts & Sciences. The scholarship is named after Dr. Ann T. Allen, a retired professor of History and Women’s Studies at U of L.

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is Friday, May 29, 2020 for the fall.

The criteria and applications for each are listed on the Women’s Center website at:

For more details, email Phyllis M. Webb, or call 852-7715.