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Rest Periods/Meal Periods

PER-4.11 May 1, 1992 Rest Periods/Meal Periods




  • Each department head shall permit one rest period during each work period of at least three and one-half hours.
  • A rest period, if taken, shall be for not more than 15 minutes. It shall be at a time designated by the supervisor.
  • An employee may not accumulate unused rest periods.

Note: Rest period times shall not be authorized for covering an employee's late arrival to work or early departure. They shall not be forfeited or used in any way to shorten the workday or extend a meal period, except where specifically authorized by the Vice President for Human Resources.




A meal period shall be permitted no later than five hours and no sooner than three hours from the beginning of the work shift. It shall be of at least 30 minutes.

NOTE:  By mutual agreement between the supervisor and employee, meal periods may be shortened, lengthened or skipped.

Authority: KRS 337.355; US Dept of Labor 29 CFR 785.19





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