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Recruitment and Selection - Professional/ Administrative and Classified Staff

PER-2.01 May 1, 1992 Recruitment and Selection Professional/ Administrative and Classified Staff 



  1. Regular and temporary vacancies or anticipated vacancies in classified or professional/administrative positions shall be reported to the Human Resources Department. Such reports shall be on appropriate forms and follow procedures established to satisfy budgetary, payroll, personnel, and affirmative action requirements.
  3. The Vice President for Human Resources, or a delegate, shall determine the extent of recruitment for each vacancy based upon available affirmative action utilization data to ensure that recruitment efforts satisfy established recruiting policies.  

  4. All employment selections shall be made in accordance with the provisions of Section PER-3.03, Appointment Rates.

  5. All appointees must meet the minimum training, experience, education, and skill requirements, or their equivalency, as established for the position, unless a waiver is granted as specified in Section PER-2.04, Employment Applications, Item II.B. 



  1. The department head must create a new job opening in PeopleSoft. The system will notify the Employment Representative of the new position. Positions will be posted Sunday through Saturday.
  3. Human Resources Department will review affirmative action reports to verify that parity exists between utilization and availability in the specific Provost's/vice president's/dean's unit and will notify the department if further recruitment efforts are required.
  5. Human Resources Department will list the vacancy in the Career Opportunities Bulletin for a period of at least five consecutive workdays. The Human Resources Department, in consultation with appropriate department heads, will assume responsibility for placing the necessary advertisements in order to establish an appropriate applicant pool if additional recruitment is required.
  7. Where circumstances warrant, the Vice President for Human Resources & University EEO Officer may review the procedures followed in the filling of any position prior to final approval.  
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