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Moving Expenses

PER-1.13 May 1, 1992 Moving Expenses




  1. To be eligible to have moving expenses paid by the university, an employee must meet the following criteria:
    1. must be employed to fill a regular, full-time position within the university;
    2. must be faculty, administrator, or professional and administrative staff; and
    3. must be moving to a university workstation from a distance of at least 50 miles.
  3. Payment to eligible employees for the cost of moving may be authorized by appropriate university officers, but such payment is not an automatic entitlement.
  5. The decision to pay the cost of moving as part of a recruitment package rests with the appropriate unit head. If the proposed payment of moving expenses is for deans, the Provost will make the determination. The President will decide whether a new University Provost or vice president shall receive such payment.
  7. Funding for the reimbursement of moving expenses must be provided from the unit's operating budget. Vice presidents and deans must arrange funding prior to making any commitments to prospective employees.
  9. The university has negotiated a financially advantageous master contract with a single moving company. To assure maximum cost savings, all new employees whose moving expenses are to be paid by the university are required to use this moving company. Unit heads are responsible for compliance with the procedures established by the Purchasing Office in this regard.
  11. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires non-qualified moving expense reimbursements to be reported in boxes 1, 3 and 5 of the employee’s W-2.  These amounts are subject to federal income tax withholding, social security, and Medicare taxes.  Qualified moving expense reimbursements are reported only in box 12 of the W-2 with Code P. Additional information on qualified and non-qualified moving expenses can be found in IRS Pub. 521, Moving Expenses.




  1. All letters of offer or agreements with the new employee must reference this moving policy if any expenses are to be paid by the University.
  2. To view the procedures for moving expenses, please visit the Department of Purchasing.
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