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Continuous/Creditable Service

PER-1.06 May 1, 1992 Continuous/Creditable Service


Policy:                  PER 1.06

Title:                     Continuous/Creditable Service

Adopted:              May 1, 1992

Revised:               January 1, 2011 


  1. Continuous service is employment without a break in service and includes all authorized leaves of absence with or without pay. Dismissal or voluntary resignation shall constitute a break in continuous service.

  2. Any employee who has attained regular status in any classification and who is separated due to a reduction-in-force shall be considered to have continuous service during the period of separation if reemployed within 12 months from the effective date of separation.

  3. Any employee who voluntarily resigns from employment in good standing and is subsequently reemployed shall be entitled to use previous continuous service in determining benefits eligibility for higher annual leave credits in accordance with Section PER-4.04, Annual Leave, except that previously earned, unused sick leave shall not be reinstated.
  5. When an employee is transferred, demoted, or promoted from one unit to another, there shall be no break in continuous service.




  1. Creditable (any/all employment periods which may be used toward entering the next higher rate of annual leave) service accrues in each pay period. An employee accrues creditable service for each pay period in which the employee is in pay status for 50 percent or more of the pay period. (Employees working at least 40 percent FTE on July 1, 1990, will continue to accrue annual leave on a proportional basis as long as they remain on at least a 40 percent FTE.) 

  2. B. Creditable service shall apply only to annual leave provisions of Section PER-4.04, Annual Leave and employee recognition programs based on creditable service at PER 6.02, Employee Recognition Program.


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