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President's Weekly Charges

UofL vs. UK: Moving for Healthy Hearts!

April 3 kicks off the ten week challenge where UofL will be in friendly competition with UK to record the most steps from their employees.  Everyone is encouraged to participate by registering with the American Heart Association to track their daily movement activity (via  The cumulative steps of each institution will be used to determine the winner.

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President's Weekly Charges


Week 1: Campus Invitation
RE: Message from the President re: Moving for Healthy Hearts Challenge
Thank you for supporting our Louisville Cardinals as they compete for the NCAA National Basketball Championship. It is exciting to watch the players – men and women – put forth their personal best in pursuit of athletic and academic excellence. As we cheer them on, I invite you to join me in another competition: The third annual UofL vs. UK Moving for Healthy Hearts Challenge.

The challenge begins on Wednesday, April 3, in conjunction with National Walking Day. On this day, I invite you to join us for an 8 a.m. walk hosted by Get Healthy Now on your respective campus.

  • Belknap: Cardinal Park, Joe Kitchen Memorial Pavilion
  • HSC: Kornhauser Library Quad, front steps
  • Shelby: Burhans Hall, front steps

The goal of the 10-week challenge is to encourage employees at each institution to increase daily movement activity, ultimately decreasing heart disease risks. The cumulative “steps” of each institution will be used to determine the winner.

This challenge, supported by the American Heart Association, provides an opportunity to address the low physical activity levels that contribute to chronic health conditions and poor health statistics of the Commonwealth. According to the most recent annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being index, the Bluegrass State ranked last in the index’s Healthy Behaviors category, which measures the percentage of residents who smoke, exercise frequently and eat healthy daily.

We can do better. This challenge gives us that opportunity.

Let’s connect with the athlete in all of us by wearing our Cardinal gear and sneakers to work on April 3 to kick off the moving challenge in support of good health for the Commonwealth.

Go Cards!

James Ramsey

Week 2: Find an exercise buddy!
Exercise with a co-worker, friend, or relative and the time will fly by! An exercise buddy is also a great way to keep you accountable; it's like having your own personal cheering squad. Here are a few resources supported by Get Healthy Now and the American Heart Association to help you get connected with others:

1. Bring a colleague with you to one of the Get Healthy Now weekly walks:

  • HSC: Tuesdays, 12-12:30 p.m, Mayor’s Mile (front of University Hospital, Jackson St.)
  • Belknap: Tuesdays, 12-12:30 p.m., Cardinal Park (Joe Kitchen Memorial Pavilion)
  • Shelby: Tuesdays, 12-12:30 p.m., Burhans Hall (front steps)

2. Visit the American Heart Association (AHA) to find a Walking Club based on your location and interests

3. Download the AHA Walking Paths App and get stepping in the right direction.

WEEK 3:  Earn your Official 2013 UofL vs. UK Moving for Healthy Hearts Challenge T-shirt.
Log your activity each week by Tuesday at Midnight to keep the ‘Red’ ahead!  To improve your health*, aim for two types of physical activity each week:

  1. Aerobic: Adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (i.e., brisk walking) every week.
  2. Muscle-strengthening: Engage in activities that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms) at least two days a week

Each participant who meets the weekly 150 minutes of activity throughout the challenge for a total of 1500 minutes (or 200,000 steps) by the end of the 10 week challenge earns a t-shirt; don’t miss out!

WEEK 4: Discover a new path!
While at home or away, there are many resources available to keep you moving in a healthy direction:

  1. The American Heart Association Walking Paths are located across the nation.
  2. The Mayor’s Miles are marked every 1/10th of a mile and include ground markers and pole signs to help you find your way throughout the city.

Visit the Get Healthy Now web page for more great ideas, to see the UofL vs. UK scoreboard, and find out who was last week’s biggest mover.  Let’s keep up the good work, Cards!

WEEK 5: All Movement Matters! 
Log ALL of your activities: walking around the office, cleaning the house, washing the car.  It all counts! 
Most people walk about 2,000-3,000 baseline steps a day, which is roughly equivalent to 1 mile.* Be sure to log all of your steps – your exercise steps as well as your baseline steps (your non- exercise movement) every day – this will help us keep the RED ahead of the BLUE.

Take part in Get Healthy Now’s wellness opportunities to stay active and add up minutes. The Get Healthy Now Wellness Center not only offers a great place to work out on your own, there’s also a full slate of group exercise classes. If you want to get out of the gym, try renting a bike and going for a spin in honor of National Bike Month! Remember to come out and take part in one of our weekly walks:

  • Tuesdays 12 – 12:30 pm: HSC Mayor's Mile (Front of University Hospital, Jackson St.)
  • Tuesdays 12 – 12:30 pm: Belknap Cardinal Park (Joe Kitchen Pavilion)

By becoming more active, you are doing something great for yourself. This week, take time to consider how your actions impact those you care about. Try to engage your friends and family too; exercise doesn’t have to be a solo activity (and can be a lot more fun in a group)!

Also give some thought as to why you have made the decision to be active. If you’re exercising for someone else, let them know how important they are to you. Take a look at your goals, maybe you’ve achieved them and you need to set some new ones. If you haven’t reached your goals yet, there is no time like the present to get started!

Log your activity each Tuesday to make sure you are on track to receive your 2013 UofL vs UK Moving for Healthy Hearts t-shirt! How do you earn the t-shirt? Log 150 minutes or 20,000 steps of activity per week throughout the challenge (for a total of 1500 minutes or 200,000 steps by the end of the challenge). YES! You can log retroactively, so be sure to reflect the minimum activity each week to earn this one-of-a-kind T-SHIRT! We’re sure these will become a collectible someday, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

As we come down to the end of the competition, be sure to log your activity every Tuesday before midnight to make sure the CARDS stay on top!  ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT to make every step count toward beating the CATS. Take a moment to go back and input any activity that you may have missed, as it’s never too late to log your steps!  Keep moving to support your good health and to BEAT THE BLUE!

Log your activity each Tuesday before midnight to make sure the CARDS FINISH STRONG AND BRING HOME THE TROPHY!  ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT to make every step count toward beating the CATS! Be sure to LOG ALL MOVEMENT activity from April 3rd until Tuesday, June 11th at Midnight.

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