New Employee Orientation

Spend your first day of work with us in New Employee Orientation (NEO) and discover all the reasons why a position with the University of Louisville is more than just a paycheck! During the full-day session, new employees sign up for benefits, obtain identification cards, parking permits, and receive information about university policies and procedures.

New Employee Orientation is held at 8:00 a.m. every Monday in the Human Resources Department, or on Tuesdays when the preceding Monday is a holiday. All new employees are required to attend.  Your hiring department will  schedule your orientation date with Human Resources.

Prior to Attending Orientation

Get started before you even attend NEO!  Before you come, please complete the following two items:

    • Electronic I-9:

    Please visit the web site, and complete the required information prior to attending orientation. The University of Louisville employer code to access the site is 11443.  If you have questions regarding completion, please contact Human Resources at (502) 852-6542.  After you have completed this, you will complete a second section of the I-9 in orientation.

    • New Hire Paperwork:

    Complete a new hire packet prior to attending, print it out and bring it with you to the orientation session you are scheduled to attend.

    Day of orientation: What to bring

    You’ve completed your electronic I-9, new hire packet and it is NEO day. You must bring the following items with you:

    • Completed new hire packet
    • Proof of identification and eligibility to work to complete the second section of the I-9.  The most common documents are:
      • For identification: state issued driver’s license, photo ID or passport.
      • For eligibility: original social security card or employment authorization documents.
      • Other Acceptable Documents
    • Original social security card for payroll purposes.  If you do not have a social security card, an application will be provided.
    • Voided check for direct deposit, if preferred. Otherwise, you will receive a check card.
    • Foreign nationals working on a visa need to bring passport and employment authorization documentation.
    • Social security number and date of birth for spouse/qualified adult or dependents you wish to add to any benefits coverage

    Where to go

    Orientation is held at the Human Resources office, located at 1980 Arthur Street, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Parking is available at Human Resources and is free to participants during orientation. Driving directions are available for your convenience.

    What you'll cover

    During the full-day session, new employees will complete employment documents, sign up for payroll, benefits, obtain identification cards, parking permits, and receive information about university policies and procedures.

    Additional Resources

    NEO Presentation (PPT)

    New Employee Contact Sheet (PDF)

    NEO Severe Weather Plan - procedure for if the University of Louisville is closed or delayed due to snow or severe weather

    Please call us ahead of time at 852-6542 if you require any special accommodations. Please direct any questions or concerns to the office of Human Resources at 852-6542.