Using Temp Agency FAQs

What do I need to do to request a temporary employee?

The University of Louisville has independently contracted with multiple vendors in the areas of Administrative/Clerical, Medical and General Labor.  The department can select one or more of the vendors to contact directly to place a temporary request.

How will we be billed?

Billing will be done directly from the agency to your department.

Where will temporary employees from outside agencies be able to park?

Temporary employees will be able to purchase temporary parking passes from University Parking.  They will need to have a verification note from the agency, stating which department they will be working in, the dates of the assignment and a contact name for the department.  The temporary employee is responsible for the cost of the pass.

Can I get an email account for a temporary employee?

You can request a Sponsored Account from IT.  Please visit Information Technology - Request Accounts and scroll to the bottom to submit your request.

How do I provide building access?

Unit Business Managers will have to send a request to get a building access card.  Contact George West at 852-4334 with any additional questions.