Signing an Employee up for Orientation

New Staff Employee

All new staff employees are required to attend a New Employee Orientation (NEO) session, held every Monday.  Please reach out to your employment coordinator in order to sign a new employee up for an orientation session. Information about NEO can be passed along to the new employee by the department, including where to go and what to bring, via the NEO webpage.

New Faculty Employee

New faculty members that are hired throughout the year can attend any of our weekly NEO sessions along with the staff members.  The department must notify Employment Services the date the new faculty member will attend.  In the summers, two New Faculty Orientation sessions are held for faculty only, due to the increased volume of faculty hires.  These are typically held on July 1 and August 1.  For more information about these faculty orientation sessions and to confirm the current year dates, please visit the New Faculty Orientation webpage.