Request an In-Range Adjustment

An in-range adjustment can be requested due to Job Growth, Equity, Retention or Market.

  • Job Growth – to recognize additional duties or responsibilities that add value to the job, but which do not warrant reclassification to a higher salary grade.
  • Equity – to correct “material” salary differentials for comparable work among similarly situated employees (e.g., race, gender, range compression and spread).
  • Retention or Market – to counter bona fide external offers or maintain competitiveness.

It may not be used to augment or substitute for Merit increases.  So as long as the reasoning for the desired increase in pay fits one of these, an in-range adjustment can be requested.

How To Request an In-Range Adjustment

To request an in-range adjustment, the following items must be sent to Employment Services via campus mail or dropped off at the Human Resources office at 1980 Arthur Street.

  1. Justification Letter stating the reason for the request (i.e. job growth, equity, retention or market).  Dean/VP approval is required for all in-range adjustments and must accompany the request.
  2. If the reason is for job growth, an updated JDF must be included.

Completing the Process

Once your employment coordinator has reviewed the request, an email will be sent if the in-range has been approved.  At that time, the department will need to submit an online PAR and JDC to update both the budget of the position and the salary.  Once submitted, Employment Services will approve and it will move to Position Management and/or Payroll for completion.


An in-range adjustment request typically takes 7-10 business days to complete within Employment Services, but may take longer due to complexity.  Once the PAR and JDC have been approved, the process moves to Position Management and Payroll and is subject to their timeline schedules.