Hiring a New Employee

The guidelines below are for hiring a regular, full time or part time staff member. Hiring postdoctoral associates and temporary employees have different processes to follow.

Creating a Job Posting

Position Control Number (PCN)

  • Is a PCN already available with the appropriate classification or do you need to reclassify a vacant PCN or create a new position?*
  • After determining if the PCN is properly classified and approvals have been received, the job hiring process will begin in PeopleSoft. Follow the steps in the Recruiting Solutions Manual (PDF) to create the job posting. Department users must have attended training to be given access to Recruiting Solutions. To request training, please contact Employment Services. The hiring process for a new employee follows multiple steps from start to finish starting with the job posting.

Job Posting Locations

  • Your job will automatically be posted on Higher Ed Jobs, Insight into Diversity and the Courier Journal.
    • Looking for more options?  Use our Diversity Resource listing as a guide to help you reach more applicants!

*For instructions on creating a new position, contact the Employment Office at

Salary Guidelines

The following salary guidelines are for new appointments.

  • Promote hiring at market value, consistent with job related qualifications.
  • Delegate salary authority to department chairs & directors from salary range minimum to mid-point.
  • Provide to HR for review and require Dean/VP approval above range mid-point to maximum.

Running a Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks (CBC) and education verification checks are required for all new hires and rehires at the university. CBC requests generally take between four to seven business days to complete. Learn about Submitting a Criminal Background Check >>

New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation (NEO) is held every Monday in the Human Resources Department (or via online during COVID-19), or on Tuesdays when the preceding Monday is a holiday. All new employees are required to attend. For staff hires, please work with your employment coordinator in order to sign a new employee up for the orientation. Please refer your new employee to the New Employee Orientation web page for additional information about where to go, what to bring, etc.

New faculty members that are hired throughout the year can attend any of our weekly NEO sessions along with the staff members. The department must notify Employment Services the date the new faculty member will attend. In the summers, two New Faculty Orientation sessions are held for faculty only, due to the increased volume of faculty hires. These are typically held on July 1 and August 1. For more information about these faculty orientation sessions and to confirm the current year dates, please visit the New Faculty Orientation webpage.