Creating a New Position

All new staff positions must be requested and approved the the Office of Employment Services.  A new position request should be made when there is not an available position control number (PCN) to use for a staff position.  If a PCN is vacant, but classified incorrectly, please follow the instructions to reclassify a position.

Before Submitting a Request to Create a New Position

How To Request a New Position

To request a New Position, the following documents must be submitted to Employment Services either via campus mail or dropped off at 1980 Arthur Street.

  1. Completed Job Description Form (JDF) to outline the position.  Please make sure to include detail of all appropriate job duties and responsibilities, the requested level of education and the requested level of experience for the position.  This form must include the signatures of the appropriate supervisor and administrator for the department.
  2. Organizational Chart for the department requesting the new position.
  3. Copy of the approved Authorization to Hire form, or forward the approved email to your employment coordinator.

Completing the Process

Once your employment coordinator has reviewed the new position request, the department will received an email recommendation for the position classification.  At that time, the department will need to submit an online PAR.  Once submitted, Employment Services will approve and it will move to Position Management for completion and creation of the PCN.  An automated email notification will be sent to the creator of the PAR when the PCN has been created.


The creation of any new staff position typically takes 7-10 business days to complete within Employment Services, but may take longer due to complexity. Once the PAR has been approved, the process moves to Position Management and is subject to their timeline schedules.