Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

Under state law, the University of Louisville requires a Criminal Background Check (CBC) of all new hires. Once the preferred candidate has accepted the offer for a position, a CBC must be initiated.

CBC Process

    The CBC Consent Form has moved online as of 2/1/2016.  Click here for an overview of the changes.

    • Department enters information into PeopleSoft CBC Data Entry to request a criminal background check for the new hire with their name and email address. For detailed instructions, including what to do if they do not have an email address, visit the CBC Request Manual (PDF).
    • New Hire receives an email from Truescreen (From: ‘’, Subject: ‘Background Investigation Forms Requested’) to go online to complete the authorization form and submit additional information.  Please check spam folders if it is not received within 48 hours. The initial email will be sent as soon as the information is submitted to the vendor (within 24 hours of the PeopleSoft entry).
    • CBC submissions generally take four to seven business days to complete once the new hire has entered their information.
    • Department users entered in PeopleSoft CBC Data Entry will receive email when CBC is completed.

    Education Verification

    Education Verification will be requested for all regular staff positions using the following criteria:

    • The position classification requires a degree and the candidate provided degree information during the search. (Please note that education verification will not be necessary if a candidate is using years of experience to offset educational requirements).
    • The position classification does not require a degree, but the candidate provided degree information during the search, which was used to assess the candidate’s knowledge skills and abilities.

    Education verifications can only be completed on degrees that have been awarded.  This check will be added by Human Resources if it is for a position that meets the criteria above.  Education verification is not necessary for student and temporary assignments. Faculty credentials will continue to be verified by the Faculty Personnel Office.


    CBC Request Training Manual (PDF)

    Template - Consent Form Email Instructions for Offer Letter


    Additional Questions?

    For more information, including any CBC exceptions and billing information, please visit our CBC Frequently Asked Questions.