Acronym Definitions

Many acronyms are used to describe documents or processes in HR, Payroll and Position Management. Below is a definition guide of frequently used acronyms.

Acronym Stands For What It Is
JDF Job Description Form This document is used for all new and filled staff positions.  It contains the duties and responsibilities of each position.
PAR Position Authorization Request The PAR is completed online through PeopleSoft to update information regarding the position control number (PCN), including FTE, budget, title, etc.
JDC Job Data Change The JDC is competed online though PeopleSoft to update a person's status in a position.  It is often used to hire, terminate or update a person.
CBC Criminal Background Check Under state law, the University of Louisville requires a Criminal Background Check (CBC) of all new hires. Once a preferred candidate has been selected for a position, a CBC must be initiated.
PCN Position Control Number Every position at the university has a unique position control number (PCN).
NEO New Employee Orientation All new employees must attend a New Employee Orientation, often referred to as NEO.
RIF Reduction in Force The abolition of an occupied position due to an elimination of or reduction in funding, reduced or changed work requirements, or department reorganization.
FTE Full Time Equivalency The percentage of full-time the employee is assigned to work. Full-time would equal 100 percent.