Troubleshooting Application Submission

If you receive any errors, please follow these tips:

  1. Clear your cache: Use your browser toolbar: Tools/Internet Options/General Tab>click Delete files>check Delete all offline content>click OK. You may also want to Delete cookies, click Close >click OK.
  2. Add a Trusted Site:  Use your browser toolbar: Tools/Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites, select Sites, type in https://* in the text box and click Add, click Close and then click OK.
  3. Allow Pop-ups: Use your browser toolbar: Tools/Pop-up Blocker> click Turn Off Pop-up Blocker or Allow Pop-Ups.

For users with Internet Explorer 10

There is an issue with this version that may keep some applicants from being able to register.  Please follow these instructions and then restart Internet Explorer.

  1. Look for a small gray icon representing a torn sheet of paper on the top tool bar just to the right of the field used to enter a URL. Click the gray, broken paper icon and it will turn blue. Check that the icon stays blue after you move your mouse away. When the icon is blue, compatibility mode is turned on. A gray icon indicates that compatibility mode is turned off.   OR
  2. Go to the Tools menu (you may need to press [Alt] to see the Menu bar), select Compatibility View Settings, and click [Add] to view the specific page you are on in Compatibility View  (or select Display all websites in Compatibility View).

Receiving an error that your resume "cannot be parsed at this time"

This error is often received because of the title the document is saved as. Please save documents using only letters and numbers, with no spaces or symbols.

    For Additional Technical Support: IT HelpDesk is available at 502-852-7997 or

        You may schedule an appointment at 502-852-6258. Computers are available for application submission by appointment at the Human Resources office located at 1980 Arthur Street - Louisville, Kentucky 40208. Additionally, you can apply for a UofL position at a Louisville Free Public Library location or the Louisville Urban League.

        If you require special accommodations while applying, you may call 852-6258 and you will be transferred to an Employment Coordinator to schedule an appointment. You may also email

        For additional information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions >>