Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility Fix

There is an issue with this version that may keep some applicants from being able to register.   Please follow these instructions and then restart Internet Explorer.  It should hopefully work after this fix:

  1. Look for a small gray icon representing a torn sheet of paper on the top tool bar just to the right of the field used to enter a URL. Click the gray, broken paper icon and it will turn blue. Check that the icon stays blue after you move your mouse away. When the icon is blue, compatibility mode is turned on. A gray icon indicates that compatibility mode is turned off. OR
  2. Go to the Tools menu (you may need to press [Alt] to see the Menu bar), select Compatibility View Settings, and click [Add] to view the specific page you are on in Compatibility View  (or select Display all websites in Compatibility View)

If you still are having problems, or have any additional questions, please contact our office via email at or by phone at 502.852.6542.