Job Title:Assistant Dean for Finance
Class Code:001633Grade:EH

Job Summary

Provide support to all areas of School or College in regards to budget, planning, monitoring expenditures and financial reporting to Dean, Associate Deans, Department Chairs and to other internal and external agencies. Serve as School/College’s coordinator for position management, insuring that all personnel charges are made appropriately for federal, state or private grants. Serve as coordinator for School/College’s purchasing and procurement card programs, including service as internal auditor for speedtypes and procurement cards. Provide training and development to various staff regarding financial issues, assignment of faculty and staff salaries for salary release purposes from grants and contracts, how to troubleshoot problems with electronic requisitions, and how to seek and use information contained in the university financial reports in order to better assist, plan and implement department budgets.

Duties and Responsibilities

Maintain overall responsibility for purchasing, approving requisitions and making recommendations/decisions as to the appropriateness of expenditures. Work with business office staff to troubleshoot purchasing issues.

Provide financial reports as used by Deans, Asso/Asst Deans, Department Chairs and P.I.’s on grants. Prepare external reports including working with Planning/Budget office as needed. Prepare monthly accounts receivable information to Controller’s office. Work with various school/college committees and units to provide analysis of clinical research activities.

Provide grants management assistance to P.I.’s on department/laboratory staff members in pre- and post-award grant activities, including preparation of proposal budgets, ensuring that all salaries are paid properly. Identify and resolve other issues with university grants management staff.

Prepare and complete online budget transfers throughout year as required. Initiate budget revision requests to effect changes in clinic or program budget throughout year as needed to reflect increase in income.

Maintain position management for school/college by completing flat files for all positions where funding shifts throughout fiscal year. Complete and route payroll expense transfers to retroactively charge correct speedtypes. Work with position management or other units to troubleshoot and correct problems.

Recommend approval of procurement card applications for all units within school/college, conduct internal audit of card expenditures, and work with staff to troubleshoot problem areas in the card program.

Provide training and development to faculty and staff regarding financial processes, including university reports to better plan department or grant expenditures.

Perform other related duties incidental to the work describe above.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master’s degree in Business, Finance or a related field.


Five years of related experience is required. Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements.

Supervisor Title(s)