JOB TITLE: Director, HSC Outreach Programs

CLASS CODE: 001548


Direct all outreach activities for the Health Sciences Center.


Develop a past resident database and build relationships with residents and their spouses.  Initiate an event to engage past residents with HSC leaders.

Use the Gratis Faculty database and build stronger relationships with the volunteer faculty.  Initiate an event to engage gratis faculty with HSC leaders.

Establish a Visiting Committee of nationally prominent past graduates to advise on HSC programs.

Coordinate named lectureships, inviting individuals with a relationship to UofL or a potential new relationship with UofL.

Serve as a case manager for new recruits.  Provide an anchor with respect to housing, schools in the community, religious affiliations, and community resources.  Serve also as their advocate within the University, identifying resources as needed.

Other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree in a related field and certification for development or fund raising.


Five years of related experience in writing grants, obtaining funding and grant oversight.  An equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.