JOB TITLE: Enrollment Services Specialist


Develop, implement and provide support for enrollment systems and services within a specific program.


Provide support for Orion projects with broad impact on enrollment systems, including writing specifications for modifications, testing modifications, upgrades and fixes, testing SQR programs, developing SQA Robot scripts; and creating and maintaining project plans. Coordinate with functional analysts in other student services areas to provide assistance as needed and with Information Technology programmers and project leaders to ensure the success of new projects with broad student services impacts and maintenance of existing systems.

Develop requirements, assess, and recommend new software and reporting packages. Represent student services on teams implementing or maintaining other systems for interface with student administration system.

Manage functional business processes related to security for access to student administration systems, including developing security roles, maintaining lists of security contacts, ensuring proper security procedures are being followed, approved access to systems, and working with IT Security and Administration

Coordinate data administration for student services, make changes to PeopleSoft set up tables affecting academic structure as they are approved, and communicate changes to all impacted offices. Assist in data cleanup activities requiring coordination among student service functional areas.

Document systems processes, create training materials, and assist in training student services and other university staff who access student systems.

Provide support for web and portal development for delivery of enrollment systems.

Provide Tier 1 support for student services, and leadership and training to support staff in other areas of student services as needed.

Complete special projects and other duties as assigned.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering or a related field.


Two to four years of related experience. Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements.