Job Title: Research Engineer Scientist

Job Code: 001486

Job Summary

Perform self-directed research, including device design, fabrication and characterization of processes and projects associate within the unit and/or department.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide maintenance for cleanroom equipment and facilities.

Perform related literature search, characterize experimental tests, processes and procedures in conjunction with research studies.

Design and fabricate devices and develop processes required for funded research.

Collect and document process data required to provide new capabilities and quality assurance.

Assist in the design and modification of experimental techniques.

Create standard operating procedures and maintain logs and manuals to document testing and operation of equipment.

Database planning, design and maintenance.

Initiate and maintain outreach programs and contacts.

Assist proposal writing for future cleanroom funding.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master’s degree in Engineering or a related field of science.


Three years of related experience. Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements.