Job Title: Field Training Coordinator
Job Code: 001401


Job Summary

Candidate will direct and lead statewide efforts towards the purpose of developing, evaluating, and disseminating autism specific information to families and community organizations. This person will lead training seminars, meet with representatives from other agencies, family groups to discuss and promote availability of resources and services. Will develop and collaborative relationships with public and private agencies. Seek and procure grants to develop model programs.

Duties and Responsibilities

Conduct family-based training.

Develop relationships with community groups.

Seek funding sources to develop model programs.

Create materials specific to needs of families. Develop and consolidate information specific to the need of families (print, video, and web-based).

Contact and meet with families to discuss availability of resources and services.

Perform other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master’s degree or advanced degree in Education or a related field.


Five years of related experience in educational environment.

Supervisor Title(s)

Subordinate Title(s)