JOB TITLE: Hazardous Materials Technician, Senior

CLASS CODE: 001330  


Collect, assess, segregate, and transport hazardous liquids and waste. Maintain the Environmental Protection Services Center and vehicle and respond to hazardous materials emergencies at the University


Collect, segregate, package, and label for transport hazardous wastes from university generators.

Be knowledgeable and able to assess hazardous liquids, determine compatibility, combine compatible waste in approved containers, and prepare for shipping.

Maintain Environmental Protection Services Center by maintaining safe and organized storage of hazardous liquids and materials, conducting regular inspections, and communicating problems and suggestions to supervisor.

Maintain hazardous material transportation vehicle to DOT rules regarding hazardous materials transport.

Handle the university wide light bulb and light tube recycling program.

Respond to emergencies at the university that require DEHS assistance.

Conduct biannual required sampling of wastewater discharged from buildings at the university.

Provide skilled technical support to other environmental health and safety programs


Specialized training beyond high school with a working knowledge of hazardous materials handling, EPA and DOT regulations, and general mechanical aptitude. Pre-employment physical and valid driver’s license required


Four years of related experience.