JOB TITLE: Assistant Director, Budget and Financial Planning
CLASS CODE: 001313


Responsible for the development of all the university budgets. Consult with President, Provost, Dean and other administrators concerning budget problems and needs. Provide financial planning information, models, and reports to the administration.


Responsible for the development of the University Operating Budget, University Capital Budget, the Biennial Budget Request, the Six-Year Capital Plan, and the University of Louisville Foundation Inc. Budget.

Design and oversee the budget system. Formulate, recommend, and implement new budgetary policies and procedures (or revisions to existing policies and procedures).

Develop and apply computerized budget estimation models (or revisions to existing models) used in making university wide macro budget projections.

Prepare general fund revenue projections. Review and approve unit program budget requests.

Provide specialized and technical advice to the Deputy Director for Planning and Budget, Budget Analyst's, and other professional staff in the Office of Planning and Budget.

Consult with Vice Presidents, Dean's and other administrators concerning their special budget problems and needs, including technical advice, budget strategy, and policy interpretation.

Prepare executive management and budgetary reports for President and Provost. Prepare executive summaries about complex budget issues.

Directly supervise the work of the Policy and Budget Analysts and Program Assistants. Review and assess their project and analysis work and evaluate their overall performance.

Plan, design, and conduct independent, complex analytical studies related to specific management or financial issues.

Provide technical advice and assistance to Policy and Budget Analyst's. Assume the role of Acting Deputy Director for Planning and Budget in his/her absence.


Master's degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Public Policy, or Higher Education Administration.


Seven years of related experience. An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.