JOB TITLE: Coord Donor Rel

Job Code: 001268


Bachelor's degree in a related field.


One year of related experience including accounting, database management, Microsoft Office products.  Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements.


Old job specification for job code 001268 -  'Senior Coordinator, Donor Relations'.  The code is now assigned to "Coord Donor Rel".


JOB TITLE: Senior Coordinator, Donor Relations
CLASS CODE: 001268

JOB SUMMARY (Was for Senior Coordinator, Donor Relations)

Direct, oversee and implement donor relations program for the Development Department.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (Was for Senior Coordinator, Donor Relations)

Coordinate and supervise donor relations. Oversee stewardship tracking including preparing over eight hundred Endowment Activity Reports, two hundred fifty personalized annual reports  to donors of gifts of $50,000 and above. Track one hundred sixty-five signature letters drafted for Deans for donors of five thousand to fifty thousand dollars. Provide Provost, schools and colleges with spending policy information regarding the endowed accounts assigned to them.

Track growth of the UofL Foundation, Inc., as well as funds held outside the University for the Development Department. Maintain over eight hundred computerized endowment database and the hardcopy files to reconcile fund balances. Oversee data entered into the Stewardship database and validate documentation. Maintain the endowment information on the university Website. Create quarterly budget reports on endowment spending.

Maintain accurate records of the UofL Society and 1798 Society membership.

Create and provide lists of donors and addresses as requested.

Investigate donor inquiries and prepare various analyses.

Supervise the stewardship and endowment assistant and two intern/students. Prepare Performance Appraisals for staff and interns as needed.


Bachelor's degree


One year of related experience including accounting, database management, Microsoft Office products. An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.