Classified Job Specification (11/02)

JOB TITLE: Nephrology Nurse II

CLASS CODE: 000948


Under general supervision deliver dialysis and related therapies to patients experiencing temporary or permanent loss of kidney function.


Conferring with nurse clinicians about changes in patient care plans and ensure that any changes are appropriately noted in the patient's chart and bringing such changes to the attention of the nurse and technician who provide direct care. Ensure that the patient's pre-dialysis condition (weight, blood pressure, temperature, patency of access, etc.) is assessed and documented.

Ensure the proper setup of equipment (e.g., proper conductivity of electrolyte solution, correct temperature, correct membrane pressure, prescribed blood flow rate, prescribed hemofiltration rate, correct dialyzer) to perform dialysis or other extracorporeal treatment (e.g., plasmapheresis, peritoneal dialysis, continuous hemofiltration). Ensure appropriate troubleshooting of machine problems and timely, complete communication with equipment engineers about machines needing repairs.

Ensure adequate monitoring and documentation of patient condition during the treatment and assist staff in identifying symptoms of distress and taking appropriate action (e.g., treating for shock, convulsions, hypotension, cardiac or respiratory failure). Verify delivery of care in accordance with the care plan for each patient.

Supervise the performance of venipuncture for procedures involving hemodialysis, hemofiltration, or pheresis and assist with resolution of difficult access problems.

Oversee the administration of prescribed intravenous fluids, medications, and blood and ensure the timely and appropriate drawing of blood specimens for regular laboratory analysis. Review laboratory results and report any abnormalities to the physician. Educate patients about their treatment regimen and work with the dietician to educate the patient and family about diet, fluid restrictions, and prescribed medications.

Cooperate with the social worker in defining and working to alleviate the psychosocial needs of the patient and family in adapting to chronic dialysis and other chronic extracorporeal therapy. Perform emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation when needed and utilizing equipment from the emergency cart including cardiac monitor and defibrillator, Amboo bag, cardiac board, etc. and administering oxygen when indicated.

Participate in the evaluation of new equipment and supplies by performing prescribed test procedures and accurately recording test result data.

Serve on dialysis unit and divisional committees dealing with quality assurance, staff training, and administrative issues. Participate in the performance of QA studies including serving as study coordinator. Serve as preceptor in training new nurses and dialysis technicians.

Perform other related duties as assigned.


Associate's Degree in Nursing or equivalent. Registration to practice nursing in Kentucky.


One year of medical-surgical or critical care nursing plus six months' of dialysis experience.