Job Title:Dialysis Technician ChiefClass Code:505613Grade:13

Job Summary

Under the general supervision of the Unit Business Administrator, this position directs all operations of the Dialysis Reprocessing Unit within the Kidney Disease Program. Responsibilities include supervision of the Reprocessing and Central Stores personnel implementation of budgets and cost reduction strategies within these departments, compilation of patient dialyzer reuse data for statistical reporting, and maintenance of accurate records of dialyzer use, and safety equipment checks.

Duties & Responsibilities

Direct the daily operation of the Dialyzer Reprocessing Unit of the Kidney Disease Program and supervise Reprocessing staff:

Establishing work schedules and assignments, perform quality checks on equipment to assure best performance, monitor staff performance to ensure safe handling of chemicals used in reprocessing and proper mixing of bicarbonate for patient use. Recruit new staff, complete performance evaluations and other personnel actions as needed.

Establish and update policies and procedures to guide the operation of the dialysis reprocessing technicians to ensure safe and effective reprocessing of dialyzers. Policies cover such matters as preventive maintenance, routine sterilization and verification of (a) effectiveness of sterilization and (b) removal of all sterilizing agents before equipment is returned to use. Define troubleshooting procedures and priorities in work assignments.

Establish administrative system to track work and patterns of problems. Develop and implement appropriate action to correct repetitive problems. Maintain documentation of all work performed, quality assurance test results, and other records required by state and federal law and regulation. Plan and schedule in-services to educate dialysis technicians and staff nurses in proper procedures for safe and effective reprocessing of dialyzers and standards for equipment and reprocessing techniques which dialysis units are required to meet in order to maintain appropriate licensure and certification for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Stay informed of new techniques that will improve the performance of dialyzers.

Assume responsibilities of dialysis technician in the event of staff shortages and emergencies. Must be able to provide patient care treatment beginning with set-up of machine and putting patient on the dialysis machine, monitoring condition during treatment, and taking patient off of the dialysis machine.

Manage cost-containment by implementing budgets, analyzing supply costs and usage, making recommendations to the dialysis nursing supervisor regarding unnecessary product waste. Design and generate monthly reports to the Cost Per Treatment Committee. Contact vendors to explore cost-saving alternative products and negotiate pricing for appropriate products.

Monitoring overall performance of Central Stores Supply Clerk as related to the operation of that function within the Kidney Disease Program. Specifically, detect problem areas and work with Supply Clerk to resolve and make recommendations for procedural changes and other improvements in the Central Stores operation. Will complete performance evaluations on Central Stores staff.

Must be able to assume full responsibilities of Supply Clerk if needed, including placing orders, receive and store incoming stock shipments, rotate stock and check for expired products and reorder data, delivery of supplies to Chronic, Acute and Home dialysis units as well as KDP Research and Clinic.

Maintenance of computer-based inventory system includes entry of relevant data on incoming shipments and delivery information of Central Stores supplies to proper University departments. Process paperwork and generate reports for Business Office use for payment of invoices on supplies and equipment received.

Knowledge, Training & Skills

Associate's degree in Electronics, Engineering Design, or comparable field.


Three years of related experience.

An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.

Supervisor Title(s)

Unit Business Manager

Subordinate Title(s)