Job Title:Supr, Neuro Surgery Lab
Class Code:000539

Job Summary

Plan, supervise, and conduct research and experiments into neurological diseases and disorders of humans and other animals to develop new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Plan, supervise and conduct research and experiments requiring analysis of chemical, microscopic, biological and bacteriological aspects of blood and cerebrospinal fluid to determine nature and extent of neurological disease or disorder.

Perform surgical procedures on laboratory animals. Supervise the care of laboratory animals and their training for alert studies.

Analyze research and results of experiments and prepare reports of analysis, results and experimental data.

Design and construct instrumentation and maintain equipment necessary for experiments.

Direct work assignments and supervise performance of experiments within the lab.

Supervise and instruct medical interns (residents), medical students and laboratory assistants.

Direct administrative and budget activities of the laboratory.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in biological sciences or related field.


Three years of related experience.