Outdated job specification for job code 000516 - Staff Engineer.  Job code is now assigned to Asst Dir Engrng.


Job Title:Staff Engineer
Class Code:331429

Job Summary (Was for Staff Engineer position)

Review, recommend, and implement installation and maintenance of mechanical services for new and/or renovated facilities.


Duties and Responsibilities (Was for Staff Engineer position)

Review and evaluate all proposed mechanical equipment and systems for capital construction projects for cost and energy efficiency and compatibility with existing campus utility systems.

Design, schedule and direct installation of mechanical systems for all in-house facility renovations and/or projects.

Lead and organize efforts to solve the major and/or more sophisticated problems in buildings as related to mechanical systems - heating, cooling ventilation, and plumbing.

Supervise and direct the work activities of the building controls department. Maintain current information on control systems for each campus building.

Initiate corrective measures to update the Energy Management System to maximize efforts to conserve and reduce energy consumption. Periodically evaluate and review energy conservation efforts and submit plans and/or proposals for improvement.

Periodically review contract documents, schematics and as-built drawings for capital construction projects and mechanical contractors to ensure compliance with contract documents.


Knowledge, Training and Skills (For Asst Dir Engrng)

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field.


Experience  (For Asst Dir Engrng position)

Six years of related professional experience. An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.


Supervisor Title(s) (Was for Staff Engineer position)

Director, Physical Plant Operations


Subordinate Title(s)  (Was for Staff Engineer position)

Building Systems Engineer, Control Technicians, Senior and Control Technicians