Job Title: Biomedical Engineer
Class Code: 000488

Job Summary

Supervise and operate a research flow cytometry facility that performs multiparameter analysis and cell sorting.

Duties and Responsibilities

Operate flow cytometer to perform multiparameter analysis and sterile fluorescence-activated cell sorting.

Process samples and prepare for analysis and sorting.

Analyze and store data; create protocols for data collection and analysis.

Maintain flow cytometry - routine and trouble shooting. Perform some repairs.

Create and maintain computer databases for the storage of data.

Write computer programs to enhance and facilitate the interpretation of numerical and graphic displays of data.

Administer facility, bill for clinical samples, maintain supplies and reagents.

Instruct medical technicians, post doctoral fellow, and students regarding sample preparation, operations of instrument, data collections, and data analysis.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Bioengineering.


Two years of related experience.