Job Title:Wellness Spclst Sr

Job Code: 000445

Knowledge, Training & Skills

Master's degree in Health Promotion or related field.  Wellness Coaching Certification and certified in CPR and First Aid.


Five years of related experience


Old job specification for Coordinator, Staff Development & Wellness.  The job code is now assigned to 'Wellness Spclst Sr'.


Job Title:Coordinator, Staff Development & Wellness
Class Code:000445

Job Summary (Was for Coordinator, Staff Development & Wellness)

Develop, coordinate and administer university-wide staff development and wellness programs.

Duties and Responsibilities (Was for Coordinator, Staff Development & Wellness)

Coordinate development workshops for Administrative Procedures, Unit Business Mangers Certification, Staff

Development, Wellness, Cardinal Care, and Staff Orientation programs and provide for onsite logistical support.

Evaluate, conduct needs assessments, market and develop new training programs. Develop and maintain media library.

Administer Tuition Remission Program, and prepare administrative reports on tuition remission participation.

Develop curriculum for apprentice programs and coordinate with trades supervisors, government agencies on certification requirements.

Recruit and select instructors to serve as presenters and/or facilitators for Staff Development/Wellness program. Coordinate School of Business and School of Education intern student program.

Manage and oversee office staff, direct flow of information correspondence, reports, etc., including monitoring and authorizing routine office expenditures.

Knowledge, Training and Skills (Was for Coordinator, Staff Development & Wellness)

Bachelor's degree in related field.

Experience (Was for Coordinator, Staff Development & Wellness)

Five years of related experience.

An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.

Supervisor Title(s)

Director - Affirmative Action/Employee Relations

Subordinate Title(s)

Program Assistant