JOB TITLE:     Major
JOB CODE:    000419


This is responsible managerial and administrative commissioned law enforcement work, providing police protection for the University. Work involves the responsibility for formulating department policy, implementing programs, fiscal control and directing day to day operational activities. An incumbent may be in command during the chief's absence.


May serve as Acting Director in the absence of the Director of Public Safety.

Assumes full command of day-to-day police operations by evaluating and reviewing activities of shift commanders insuring consistency of operations among shifts.

Formulates policies, makes policy and procedural decisions. Interprets policies for specific situations and implements law enforcement regulations.

Reviews and screens reports for conformity with established procedures and compliance with state and federal laws.

Receives and supervises investigation of complaints.

Supervises and coordinates investigation of major crimes on and off campus; coordinates joint investigation with other law enforcement agencies as necessary; plans and coordinates deployment of personnel based upon analysis of crime trends and other factors.

Maintains safe care and control of authorized equipment and vehicles including firearms.

Prepares departmental goals and objectives, monitors departmental budget and financial status, and coordinates maintenance of police vehicles and other assigned state property.

Uses a variety of communication skills and special techniques to interact formally and informally with community groups and individuals.

Supervises functional units and directs subordinates in meeting operational goals. Evaluates subordinate sergeants and reviews performance of officers. Works with other commanders to insure consistency of operations among units. Determines amount of time and resources to be expended by subordinates.

Reviews assigned activities such as training, investigations, patrol, dispatch, and community relations. Assumes command in response to major or highly sensitive incidents or crimes.

Interprets and enforces departmental policy as required by specific situations on shift.

Oversees and approves reports for conformity with established procedures. Receives and resolves routine complaints.

Collects, analyzes and verifies information from conversations with persons while on duty and assesses the internal consistency and value of the information received.

Completes written reports in compliance with departmental procedures, and makes oral reports as needed. Formulates statistical information, using reports, activity sheets and daily logs to assist in determining scheduling and manpower requirements.

Provides information upon request about police policies, procedures and techniques as they affect the public. Maintains public relations with other law enforcement agencies.

Provides information to staff concerning crime trends, updated legal information and other information.

Participate in required departmental sponsored training programs, including firearms training and qualification, Baton and OC chemical spray training, 1st Aid training, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer training.



Minimum of 90 semester hours of college work Minimum of 21 years of age.  Valid driver's license required and insurable through University's auto insurance policy. USA Citizenship at time of appointment.  Certified or eligible for certification under the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Police Officer's Professional Standard (P.O.P.S.) program and a police academy recognized and approved by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training. To be eligible for appointment candidates cannot have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor domestic violence crime as set forth in 18 U.S.C. & 992 (g) (8) and (9).  The selection process includes successful completion of a drug screening test, oral interview and eligible for the DOCJT Law Enforcement Manager Certification.



Four years public law enforcement experience (federal, state, or local agency) or equivalent combination of eight years of education and public law enforcement experience, including two years of public safety supervisory responsibility required.