Job Title: Coord Adms
Class Code: 000397

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master's degree in Higher education or related field.


Two years of related experience.


This is an old job specification for job code 000397 - 'Director Unit Student Services'.  The job code is now assigned to 'Coord Adms'.

JobTitle:Director, Unit Student Services
Class Code:000397

Job Summary (For 'Director Unit Student Services')

Direct and supervise admissions, registrations, and other administrative services provided for students by the Office of Student Services.

Duties and Responsibilities (For 'Director Unit Student Services')

Supervise all activities relating to admissions and retention of undergraduate and graduate students interested in degree and other academic programs.

Advise graduate and undergraduate students on problems and procedures relating to academic, vocational, or personal concerns.

Supervise registration procedures for graduate and undergraduate education students each semester.

Develop and implement public information programs and correspond with new applicants, present, and former students.

Supervise the preparation and maintenance of undergraduate and graduate catalogues, schedules, bulletins, and other reports.

Direct and supervise all activities relating to teacher certification.

Assign and supervise the work of clerical staff and student assistants.

Perform related duties as required.

Knowledge, Training and Skills (For 'Director Unit Student Services')

Master's degree in Student Personnel Administration, Counseling, or Education.

Experience (For 'Director Unit Student Services')

Two years of related experience.