JobTitle: Mktg Mgr

Class Code: 000389

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Business, Management, Marketing, Communications or a related field.


Five years of experience. Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements.


This is a old job specification for job code 000389 - Manager, Marketing Services.  The job code is now assigned to Mktg Mgr.


Professional & Administrative Job Specification (7/94)

JobTitle:Manager, Marketing Services

Class Code:000389

Job Summary (This was for Manager, Marketing Services)

Manage the selection, pricing, promotion, and distribution of non-credit public programs.

Duties and Responsibilities (This was for Manager, Marketing Services)

Perform needs assessments and market research to guide program selection, promotional choices, and distribution choices.

Manage the selection, packaging, and promotion of all public program offerings including: determining target segments, selecting promotion medium, developing promotion budgets, scheduling programs and promotions, approving brochures, updating and maintaining internal mailing list, developing and coordinating advertisements, and maintaining competitive files.

Maintain program performance records; develop the reporting of marketing information by registration system and manage the historical maintenance and comparison to secondary data.

Serve on related committees.

Knowledge, Training and Skills (This was for Manager, Marketing Services)

Bachelor's degree.

Experience (This was for Manager, Marketing Services)

Five years of experience.

Supervisor Title(s)

Director, University Center for Continuing and Professional Education

Subordinate Title(s)

Program Assistant