Job Title: Assistant Director, Intramural Sports
Class Code: 000311

Job Summary

Oversee and supervise the operation of the Humana Gymnasium, all sports clubs and assist in the operation of the Intramural and Recreational Sports Program.

Duties and Responsibilities

May direct the activities, operation and scheduling of Crawford, Humana and Carmichael Gymnasiums and the Student Activities Center.

Coordinate and supervise the Department's Sports Club programs.

May direct the competitive phase of intramural sports, informal sports and special events.

Assist in developing policies, procedures and regulations of the Intramural-Recreational Sports Program.

Direct, supervise and evaluate the activities of equipment room attendants and student assistants.

May oversee the maintenance, operation and staffing of Crawford Pool.

May direct the marketing and promotional efforts of the department procuring sponsors and developing relationships with the university and community groups, and help generate additional revenue for the department.

May direct the alumni membership program.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Director.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Physical Education, Sports Management, or Recreation.


Four years of related experience.