Job Title:Mgr Cytogenetic Lab
Job Code: 000137

Job Summary

Manage daily operation of cytogenetic laboratory. Develop and maintain a quality assurance program and a data bank for cancer cytogenetics. Develop and market a bone marrow section within the lab. Teach and train lab personnel and residents in cytogenetic procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop quality assurance program and licensure for the University's Cytogenetic Laboratory.

Supervise American College of Pathology Proficiency Testing.

Market laboratory and develop Cancer Cytogenetic Program.

Develop data bank for interpretation of chromosome abnormalities in cancer patients.

Responsible for teaching residents of various departments rotating through the lab.

Participate in National Cytogenetic Programs.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master's degree in related field. Certification as a Clinical Laboratory Specialist in Cytogenetics CLSp(CG) by National Certification Agency (NCA) for Medical Laboratory Personnel.


Five years of related experience.