Job Title: Assistant Treasurer
Class Code:

Job Summary

Provide cash management and treasury functions for the University and its affiliated corporations, maintain accounting records and provide financial analysis.

Duties and Responsibilities

Invest and account for all available cash balances in a manner which maximizes yield and provides minimal loss exposure with investments totaling approximately $60 million.

Prepare future cash flow analysis for use in determining maturity structure of short-term investments, monitor cash balances on a daily basis to ensure sufficient cash is available to meet requirements.

Initiate all wire transactions - purchase of investments, fringe benefits to provider, payroll, taxes and accounts payable.

Serve as primary contact with local banks for all banking services.

Oversee the preparation of analyses of deposit activity for all operating units of the University and initiate contact with departmental personnel to speed the deposit of cash.

Attend professional seminars to keep abreast of technological changes in treasury functions and implement changes in such a manner as to maintain a state-of-the-art treasury system.

Convert large repetitive cash receipts transactions to electronic means to accelerate cash flow.

Initiate all transfers between University and state bank accounts.

Execute endowment investments at the discretion of the donor or the special Assistant for Investment Management.

Oversee the preparation of management reports of cash flow and investment income for use by the Controller and Treasurer.

Provide consultation and assistance to the Accountant supervisor responsible for the Accounting for endowment funds.

Calculate and initiate annuity and unitrust payments.

Execute the issuance of University bond payable, including the appointment and coordination of activities of fiscal agents and bond counsel.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance.


Six years of related management experience.