Outdated job specification for job code 000116 - Superintendent, Custodial Services.  The job code is now assigned to Asst Dir Custodial Svcs.

Job Title:Superintendent, Custodial Services
Class Code:000116

Job Summary (Was for Superintendent, Custodial Services)

Plan, schedule and direct all cleaning services provided by Physical Plant at all University locations.

Duties and Responsibilities (Was for Superintendent, Custodial Services)

Provide over-all supervision for all custodial services on Belknap, Shelby and H.S.C. campuses and act as a consultant for all contracts entered into by the University for outside cleaning services.

Establish work procedures, plans, and schedules to assure efficient and effective cleaning services in all campus buildings.

Review and test new procedures, equipment and supplies to assure adequate levels of service and plan the purchase and distribution of custodial supplies and equipment.

Interview, select, train, counsel and recommend disciplinary action as needed for all custodial staff. Provide over-all supervision of custodial training programs, including safety related matters.

Answer all correspondence or inquiries related to requests or complaints about cleaning matters, and deal with various operating problems related to custodial services.

Perform periodic inspections of all University facilities to insure adequate levels of service and to follow-up on the Quality Control programs.

Knowledge, Training and Skills (For Asst Dir Custodial Svcs)

Bachelor's degree in Management or a related field. An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.

Experience (For Asst Dir Custodial Svcs)

Five years of related experience including supervisory responsibilities.