Job Title:Financial Director Special Programs
Class Code:000094

Job Summary

Direct and administer the financial and budgetary activities of the House Staff Program and maintain financial, personnel, and other pertinent administrative records for the Medical School Professional Practice Plan.

Duties and Responsibilities

Prepare and maintain all financial records for the Professional Practice Plan such as monthly bank reconciliation, income reports and transfers, quarterly and annual financial statements, faculty status reports, Federal Tax Return for Medical School fund and audits of annual reports from faculty members.

Consult with and advise faculty members in matters concerning their participatory obligation to the plan.

Direct and coordinate the financial and statistical reporting requirements of the House Staff Program.

Develop and maintain computerized systems for scheduling House Staff assignments at affiliated hospitals.

Develop and maintain line item budget for House Staff officers.

Direct the preparation of monthly reconciliation of House Staff payrolls and submit invoices to affiliated hospitals.

Maintain personnel files on all residents enrolled in the program.

Direct, supervise, and evaluate support staff.

Provide support for the Dean's Office on special projects as assigned.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Accounting or related field. Certified Public Accountant preferred.


Five years of experience in Federal Income Tax Preparation of Professionals and General Accounting.