Job Title: Dir Cultural Ctr

Job Code: 000088

Job Summary 

Direct programs and activities of the Multicultural Center. Promote multicultural awareness, oversee an advisory board in minority group development and develop and implement assessment and evaluation methods for all programming in the Center.

Duties and Responsibilities 

Direct programs and activities that promote multicultural awareness including lectures, art exhibits, films and videos and theater productions.

Direct the preparation of the budget and monitor all expenditures and collections of revenue for the Multicultural Center.

Develop leadership workshops, assist in minority group development and sponsor programs to increase interaction of minority students and faculty outside the formal curriculum.

Establish and oversee an advisory board and a student programming board.

Establish a multicultural calendar which promotes and coordinates University activities.

Direct the recruitment and retention of student and staff volunteers to assist in the Center.

Develop and implement assessment and evaluation methods for all programming. Prepare regular reports of findings.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master's degree in Education, Humanities, College Student Personnel, or a related field.



Five years of related experience