Job Title: Dir - Spec Prgms

Job Code: 000087

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master's degree in a related field


Seven years of related experience.  Additional experience may be used on a one-on-one basis to offset the educational requirements.


This is an old job specification for job code 000087-Director, Student Activities Center.  The job code is now assigned to Dir-Spec Prgms


Job Title:Director, Student Activities Center
Class Code:116632

Job Summary (This was for Director, Student Activities Center)

Direct the Student Activities Center (SAC) and Red Barn Student Activities Programs. Maintain facilities, provide services and promote programs that are responsive to student development needs and to the physical, social, recreational and continuing education needs of the University community.

Duties and Responsibilities (This was for Director, Student Activities Center)

Direct the SAC and the Red Barn operations in the areas of lease agreements, space allocation, rental income from space allocation and meeting area space, reservation and set-up of meeting area space, building maintenance, and capital improvements to the building and the equipment and furnishings therein.

Prepare the budget of the SAC, review and authorize expenditures against the budget and maintain departmental operating budget records.

Direct the recruitment, selection, training, supervision and evaluation of staff.

Direct SAC and the Red Barn programs to develop student leadership skills through the Student Activities Board, the Student Government Association and recognized student organizations.

Direct the SAC Building Group whose purpose is to interact with the administration of the SAC to share concerns and review and monitor SAC operations.

Direct the development and implementation of the SAC and Red Barn Advisory Board whose purpose is to act in an advisory role in the operational and programmatic development and assessment of the SAC and the Red Barn.

Market the services of the SAC and the Red Barn to the University community and the community at large.

Coordinate the operation and programs of the SAC and the Red Barn with those in the other units of Student Life.

Knowledge, Training and Skills (This was for Director, Student Activities Center)

Master's degree in Student Personnel Services or a closely related field.

Experience (This was for Director, Student Activities Center)

Nine years of related experience.