ULink Verification Steps

Your data can be verified and updated as follows:


NOTE: Please use your UofL user ID (not email address) and password to login to ULink)

  • Click on the Employee (HR System) 

NOTE: For issues or questions with UL2FCTR / Duo authentication, please reach out to Information Technology Services (ITS) to review information on UL2FCTR or contact ITS HelpDesk directly

  • Log into the HR (Employee) System
  • Click on Personal Information on the right side of the screen to review/update the fields listed below
- Address (Home and Mailing)
- Marital Status 

NOTE: For issues or updates on marital status, home/mailing addresses, birth country, or name changes under Personal Information, please contact Payroll at payroll@louisville.edu

- Phone number(s)
- Emergency Contact Name and Contact Number
- Email Address

NOTE: In order to add or change a phone number, emergency contact or email address, you will need to click on the button to “Change” that specific item, another window will pop up. You would then click on the pencil icon to edit the current item or click on “Add”, please make sure to scroll to the bottom of that page to see all the details. Make sure to hit “Save”

- Race/Ethnicity 

NOTE: If you received an error code while trying to update the Race / Ethnicity information, please continue to send these requests directly to ()

- Gender
- Highest Educational Level
- Veteran Status and/or Disability Status (click on the appropriate link under Personal Information in the right column)

NOTE: UofL does not currently capture Smoker, Birth State or Date Entitled to Medicare statues and those items should remain blank on the Personal Information Summary.