Total Rewards Guiding Principles

One UofL: Total rewards program designs and administration are university-wide and support the needs of the institution as a whole. Our programs balance flexibility and consistency to ensure they meet to needs of the schools and units.

Markets for Talent: Markets for talent are generally local or regional for non-exempt and entry level professionals. For faculty, specialized professionals, and leadership, talent markets are national and international.

Pay Positioning: Strive to pay competitively with relevant talent markets. Individual pay positioning varies based on impact and contributions to the university foremost, with consideration to experience, skills, education, and embodiment of UofL’s values.

Benefits: Provide a comprehensive, competitive, and attractive suite of health, wellness, education, and financial security benefits that care for our employees and their families today and in the future. Benefits are provided broadly across the institution.

Career: Shared responsibility between employees and leaders; employees own their development with the support and encouragement of UofL. The institution is responsible for providing clarity and opportunities for development.

Communication, Transparency, and Governance: Program designs are transparent and communicated regularly to promote awareness, understanding, and satisfaction. Decision-making roles and processes are clearly defined among all institutional stakeholders