Short Term Disability Insurance

Regular status UofL employees who work at least 20 hours per week have the option to enroll in a short-term disability insurance plan (STD) as part of the voluntary benefits the university offers. The short-term disability plan provides disability benefits for up to 6 months of total disability. This plan is designed to complement the university’s long-term disability plan, which starts paying after an employee has been totally disabled for six months. 

Under the short-term disability plan, employees can receive up to 60% of the employee’s salary (maximum of $3000 per month) in coverage. The short-term disability insurance policy is designed to help provide you with a monthly income when you are totally disabled as a result of an accidental injury or sickness and cannot work.

Plan – Income Protector Plan:

  • Pays up to $3000 per month, not to exceed 60% of your income
  • Allows you to use the money to cover everything from lost wages to medical expenses
  • The plan pays a cash benefit to be used at your discretion
  • 12 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions and pregnancy
  • Pays in addition to other disability coverage you may have
  • Coverage is fully portable; which means should you no longer be an employee of the University of Louisville you can maintain the coverage and rate
  • The benefit pays for up to six month period beginning 14 days after total disability due to injury or sickness


Premium levels vary based on your age and the level of coverage you select.  You may select an amount that is less than your current salary (minimum $200 / month) as long as it does not exceed 60% (maximum $3000 / month).

To enroll, please call 800-463-7420, Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

For questions regarding an existing contract, please contact Manhattan Life (formerly Humana) at 1-855-448-6982 and you will be asked for your policy number or social security number.

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