UofL Contributions to Your Retirement

The Employer Contribution

After one year of eligible service* you may be eligible to participate in one of two additional retirement savings programs offered by the university. If you choose to participate in one of the two additional programs offered, you are still able to participate in the Employee Additional program. This portion of the plan is referred to as the Employer 7.5%: you may select to receive a university contribution of 7.5% of your base salary without being required to make any personal contributions. You will be required to complete an online application to enroll in the Employer 7.5%. The university will not make retroactive contributions if you fail to enroll.

The Employer Match

You may select to make a 2.5% contribution to the plan and the university will match it while continuing to contribute its own 7.5% - or a total university contribution of 10%! This option is referred to as Employee Match. You will be notified when you become eligible to participate in these additional benefits.