Managing Your Account

The University of Louisville has retained Fidelity Investments to support the enrollment process and provide ongoing administrative services for the Retirement Plan.


Whether you invest with TIAA-CREF or Fidelity Investments, you'll be able to log on to your account through Fidelity and maintain a single account for the Plan. You will be able to view your account balances, make exchanges between Fidelity investment options, track your contributions and investments, request a loan, and access a variety of educational and planning tools. Please note that investment changes within TIAA-CREF investment options must be transacted directly with TIAA-CREF.

Automated Phone Service

Fidelity's toll-free phone service is available virtually any time at 1-800-343-0860. A personalized service menu provides quick access to the account and plan information you check regularly, such as account balances and fund prices. Fidelity's retirement plan professionals are also able to assist you Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., ET.

TIAA-CREF's automated telephone service at 1-800-842-2252 provides easy to use access so you can get account information for retirement and personal annuities and mutual funds, transfer funds among accounts, reallocate contributions, confirm your last retirement plan contribution, and get TIAA-CREF performance. And if you need special help, service representatives are available Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., ET.

Investment education and planning resources

Whether you are just getting started or getting ready to retire, The University of Louisville offers the support you need to plan for a financially sound retirement. A variety of workshops and individual consultations are available throughout the year from the University, Fidelity, and TIAA-CREF.

Investment Representatives from both TIAA-CREF and Fidelity visit our campus each month and are free of charge.  To schedule an appointment that is convenient to you, simply contact the Investment Providers directly at the following numbers.

TIAA-CREF's contact number to schedule an appointments is 1-800-732-8353

Fidelity Investments' contact number to schedule an appointments is 1-800-642-7131.