News Regarding Pharmacy Benefit Plan

Projections show us that there is a potential shortfall in the UofL Health Plan for fiscal year 2012-2013 of approximately $2.4 million. To avoid the possibility of premium increases for faculty and staff, we must look at potential cost-saving strategies. We have identified several Prescription Drug Management Strategies that will offer our employees and the health plan significant savings. These Prescription Drug Management strategies in the UofL pharmacy benefit will be effective July 1, 2012. These strategies include Select Home Delivery, Generics Preferred, Specialty Drugs through CuraScript and Drug Quantity Management.

Select Home Delivery – Home Delivery is encouraged after two fills on maintenance medications defined by Express Scripts Pharmacy (list of  Maintenance Medications), unless the patient elects to opt-out of the program at either a medication or member level. Members who choose to remain filling at a retail pharmacy will be issued 365 days to do so. Annually, the member must actively choose to elect Home Delivery or Retail.

Generics Preferred - If a generic equivalent is available for a Brand Name drug, the Pharmacy Benefit Plan will pay only at the generic equivalent rate. 

Specialty Drugs will only be allowed  one fill at a retail chain pharmacy. All ongoing refills must be filled through Express Scripts Specialty Pharmacy – CuraScript.

Drug Quantity Management – we will enforce FDA limits on drug quantities.